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In trial data with 26 breed sires represented, Gelbvieh ranked:

  • No.1 for age of puberty

  • No.1 for percentage born and percentage weaned

  • No.1 for kilogram calf weaned per cow exposed

US Meat Animal Research Centre, Clay Centre, Nebraska

At Summit Gelbvieh we feel that we have bred and fed more cattle than most in a commercial production environment and therefore have had many experiences to direct our breeding philosophies. We feel that we have designed a type of animal that is hardy, has longevity and is a feed efficient type with explosive growth until 18 months old which is the age that most calves are sold by for the domestic Australian market. This has resulted in an animal with a moderate and low input mature size. This is a big plus as it costs more to run a big cow and big bulls as they don't last as long, they can cost more to feed and are discounted when culled.


The major objective of Summit Gelbvieh has been to develop a Gelbvieh type that is an attractive cross-breeding option while eliminating high maintenance criticisms that go with most European Breeds. The strong belief that the most efficient breeder as well as the best performing pasture and feedlot animal will not come from any one breed but from a blend designed to take advantage of complementarities and hybrid vigour, has driven breeding programs for the Pugh Family for many years.


The Gelbvieh breed has always had some wonderful all round performance, as shown by the exceptional results in interbreed comparison at the Clay Centre, Nebraska:

Why Summit Gelbvieh?

With all this in mind Summit have developed their Gelbvieh cattle to be an attractive cross-breeding option for producers, especially those with British breed cows who want to add growth, muscle, milk and early maturity - all traits that Summit Gelbvieh bulls and females are strong in and will put serious $'s in pockets.

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