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Lot 1 Summit Centurion T112
Lot 2 Summit Tetris T076      
Lot 3 Summit Buddy T174    
Lot 4 Summit Emporer T147   
Lot 5 Summit Emperor T161   
Lot 6 Summit Fleetwood T215
Lot 7  Summit Emperor T110  
Lot 8 Summit Emperor T111               
Lot 9  Summit Emperor T229  
Lot 10  Summit Emperor T222
Lot 11  Summit Emperor T251             
Lot 12  Summit Tetris T119         
Lot 13  Summit Centurion T150          
Lot 14  Summit Emperor T206
Lot 15  Summit Brick T001     
Lot 16  Summit Tetris T074     
Lot 17  Summit Billy Ray T141
Lot 18 Summit Tetris T030     
Lot 19  Summit Billy Ray T131
Lot 20  Summit Billy Ray T066
Lot 21  Summit Billy Ray T132
Lot 22  Summit Fleetwood T033
Lot 23  Summit Fleetwood Mac T133           
Lot 24  Summit Emperor T186
Lot 25  Summit Brick T005     
Lot 26  Summit Brick T011       
Lot 27  Summit Brick T015    
Lot 28  Summit GoldFinger T240
About us

Passionate family beef business

Bulls and females for sale

Power up your beef herd

Top quality genetics available for purchase to boost the power and performance of any herd.

The Pugh Family started breeding Gelbvieh after seeing their commercial potential. They now run 250 stud cows with a 500 cow commercial herd.

Why Summit Gelbvieh?

Muscle, milk and early maturity

At Summit Gelbvieh, we feel we are breeding a profit driving animal that blends muscle, growth, early maturity and milk while being easy doing. 

Stud Females
Stud Sires
"Blue Hills" Farm
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